Babel’s Barraza keeps the faith during newest project

Adriana Barraza got her first big break two years ago with her role as Amelia, a Mexican maid, in the multicultural movie, “Babel.” When the movie was released, she received many nominations for her role, including Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress.
Following her Oscar-nominated role in “Babel,” Barraza joins Luke Wilson and Rhada Mitchell (Finding Neverland) in the film, “Henry Poole is Here.”
The movie is about Henry (Wilson), a man with little religious faith who has isolated himself from the world in a cramped house. His neighbor Esperanza (Barraza) sees the image of Jesus on a wall outside of his house and brings the “miracle” to Henry’s attention, possibly restoring his belief and faith.
When Barraza read the script, she thought the script had an amazing story with great characters.
“If the story did not feel realistic, I would not have done it,” Barraza said.
Barraza believes she shares similar beliefs and characteristics with her character.
“We share the same energy,” she said. “Esperanza has a beautiful energy and never quits what she starts.”
When it comes to images of Christ on walls, trees or sandwiches, Barraza believes these phenomena are real.
“Religious signs are everywhere and for me, it is all about faith,” she said.
Barraza has enjoyed working with her movie cast, especially Wilson.
“He is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside. He has a beautiful soul,” she said.
Besides Henry Poole, Barraza will appear in “Drag Me to Hell,” a Sam Raimi directed horror film starring Justin Long, due in theaters May 29, 2009. She is also working on a cooking project with her manager and agent.


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