DiCaprio, Crowe bring down terrorists in ‘Body of Lies’

Double-crosses, plot twists, car chases, gun fights and explosions: What more could you want from a modern spy drama?
Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe and Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott reunite, along with Oscar-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio to bring moviegoers the best spy thriller of the year, “Body of Lies.”
Based on the 2007 novel by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, “Body of Lies” is about Roger Ferris (DiCaprio), a CIA operative who uncovers a major lead on a suspected terrorist leader responsible for recent bombings in Jordan. In order for Ferris to capture the terrorist, he must gain the trust of Ed Hoffman (Crowe), a CIA veteran, and Hani Salaam (Mark Strong), the head of Jordanian intelligence. But can he trust these men enough to put his life in their hands?
The interaction between DiCaprio and Crowe is a highlight in this film. Ferris is “on the inside” in Jordan, doing jobs that have to be done in order to protect the homeland, no matter what it is.
Hoffman is a laid-back bureaucrat with such a smooth southern accent that you would not be surprised if he said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
These two men are complete opposites but they have one goal in mind: to bring down terrorists.
Ferris and Hoffman do not like each other and the majority of their conversations are laced with profanity, whether it be Hoffman’s disapproval of Ferris’s romance with a Jordanian nurse (Golshifteh Farahani), or Ferris expressing how he does not like the way Hoffman gets things done.
“Body of Lies” is noticeably shorter than Scott’s last few movies, yet the director still had enough time to focus on what Hoffman and Ferris did when they were not out looking for terrorists.
In Jordan, Ferris is getting through the final proceedings for his divorce and romancing a local nurse. In the States, Hoffman attempts to balance his career with his life at home.
The cinematography makes this an excellent film from a technical standpoint. The only problem with the cinematography was that it did not focus on the action scenes most of the time. The camera will make audiences feel like they are on some sort of simulation ride.
The film has a good pace despite its running time of two hours and eight minutes. It keeps you engaged with all the developments surrounding Ferris’s mission.
Amazing performances from DiCaprio and Crowe, great cinematography and Ridley Scott’s direction make this film a grade-A spy thriller.
BODY OF LIES: 4 stars out of 5


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