Helping man Smith gives back at latest premiere

Call him Mr. July. Call him Mr. Blockbuster if you will, but do not call him ungenerous.
Will Smith (“Bad Boys II”) and Rosario Dawson (“Rent”) were on-hand in Miami on Nov. 17 promoting their latest movie, “Seven Pounds.”
Coming out on Dec. 19, “Seven Pounds” is about a suicidal IRS agent who goes on a journey to redeem himself by helping out seven strangers, including Dawson’s character. Directed by Gabriele Muccino (“The Pursuit of Happyness”), the film also stars Woody Harrelson (“No Country for Old Men”) and Barry Pepper (“61”).
Throughout most of the day, Smith and Dawson sat down to talk to reporters from several publications, including The Beacon. “Seven Pounds” is the first movie that Smith and Dawson have starred in together.
Six years ago, they worked with each other in another Will Smith blockbuster, “Men in Black II.” Smith said that they have matured a lot since then, and Dawson responded jokingly by saying he has more gray hairs than the last time they worked together.
“It is fun to watch someone make choices and become better,” Smith said. “To watch Rosario scratch and fight to be better is inspiring to me and makes me want to become better.”
Dawson shared similar thoughts on Smith.
“I am really grateful not only to work [with] Will again on this film, but for the audience,” Dawson said. “Because of who Will is, it gives audiences around the world an opportunity to watch a film like this.”
As soon as they were done speaking to the Miami television and print media at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Smith and Dawson made a surprising visit to the editors of the Miami Herald at their news meeting.
Wrapping things up for the day was a charity movie premiere of “Seven Pounds.” It was held at The Shops at Sunset Place and benefited the Florida Marlins Community Foundation charity.
If moviegoers wanted a chance to see Will Smith and his new movie, they would have to bring at least a can of food to get in. It was there where Smith and Dawson donated 300 turkeys, and both of them were presented with Florida Marlins jerseys by the president of the Florida Marlins, David Samson.
Afterward, Smith approached a stage-like set up near the mall and told spectators that he would be back to sign autographs after the presentation. Keeping his promise, he returned to the remaining spectators.
The Beacon asked the two stars why they stopped in Miami to promote “Seven Pounds.”
Aside from getting a chance to visit her family, Dawson said that she loves the weather, the warm water, the food and the shopping.
Smith had a different take.
“I think there is a city somewhere in the world that matches your personal emotional patterns, and Miami is that place for me,” Smith said.

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