A chat with makers of I Love You, Man

Fresh off his role in the hit comedy Role Models, Paul Rudd returns in potentially the funniest film of the year so far, I Love You, Man.
Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a successful real estate agent who has recently proposed to the woman of his dreams, Zooey (Rashida Jones). Zooey finds out that Peter never really had a best friend, which means no best man for his wedding. Peter starts going on some “man dates” to discover the right person to fill this role. He finds that in the form of Sydney Fife (Jason Segal), a man that is not afraid to state his opinions.
Peter and Sydney instantly become best friends and develop a “bromance.” When Sydney starts making Peter’s life a little hectic, Peter’s relationship with Zooey is tested and he must choose between his fiancée or his new best friend.
Rudd and director/writer John Hamburg (Along Came Polly) were on hand for interviews in Coconut Grove at Mr. Moe’s Restaurant and Bar.
The concept of a close male relationship is nothing new to the pop culture world. On Dec. 29, 2008, MTV premiered a reality show called “Bromance,” where nine males ranging in age from 21 to 26 competed in an attempt to win a “bromance” with Brody Jenner, a socialite and former fashion model.
“When we were filming this movie, none of us ever heard of the term ‘bromance,’” Rudd said. “With the show ‘Bromance’ coming to light and this movie being released, it just seems like everything is coming to fruition at this point.”
“It is kind of like a bizarre and misleading plan because the original idea for the movie was made way before anyone heard of ‘Bromance,’” Hamburg said.
Rudd added that the idea came before Jenner was modeling short pants and Hamburg agreed.
“Brody Jenner is copying us and he is talking to both our lawyers right now,” Hamburg said.
“We are not allowed to comment on it,” Rudd said.
This is not the first time Rudd and co-star Jason Segal appear on the big screen together. They worked together in 2007 on Judd Apatow’s second film, Knocked Up.
A year later, Segal got his first starring role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a movie he co-wrote with director Nicholas Stroller. Rudd appeared briefly in the film as a stoned surfing instructor.
Rudd said that working with Segal again was great because they knew each other and were friends since making their first film together.
“In a way, it was nice because when John cast Jason and me in this movie I think it really showed that we knew each other and felt that we were on the same page on how we saw the movie,” Rudd said.
Rudd said it was easy to play Segal’s friend because they were making a lot of jokes and riffs while they were setting up lights on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
When it came to improvising, Rudd said that most of the script was hilarious without using improv, but it did not stop him and Segal from doing some improvised bits on film as in the scene where their characters are getting to know each other by going to a restaurant to eat fish tacos and drink beers.
“We knew we were going to film this scene all night,” said Rudd. “When Jason is doing his Andre the Giant impersonation or we are talking about hybrid animals, those were all things we were doing off the cuff.”
“Some of the funniest stuff was [already] in the script and some were things we came up with in rehearsal; me, Paul and Jason would meet up in my office to come up with funny things,” Hamburg said.
“If you give Paul a little bit of film and a few minutes, he would come up with the stupidest phrase you have ever heard in your life and I mean that lovingly.”


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