Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez talk ‘Fast & Furious’

Fast cars. Beautiful women. Action-packed. These words describe the Fast and the Furious franchise and their fourth installment doesn’t lack any of those elements.
In Fast & Furious, five years after the events of The Fast and the Furious, a tragedy in his life causes Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) to return to the United States. When Dom returns, he re-ignites his feud with F.B.I. agent Brian O’ Connor (Paul Walker). Eventually, they team up once again to take down a common enemy: a sociopathic drug kingpin. While Brian looks forward to arresting the criminal, Dom has other plans for the kingpin who caused the loss a loved one.
The Beacon were able to interview actor/producer Vin Diesel and co-star Michelle Rodriguez at the Setai Hotel in South Beach, where they were promoting the film’s release.
Both actors began their rise to stardom with the 2001 hit film, The Fast and the Furious and they both felt that they learned many things from each other.
“In my estimation, Michelle has been one of the few actors to not buy into the Hollywood game and do exactly what she wants to do,” Diesel said.
Diesel said that, as an actor, all the characters he has played are in some way a representation of something inside him and who he is.
“I think Dom has something in him where he can be so loyal, but at the same time, affected by a betrayal,” Diesel said.
“I like that she is very crystal clear about her intensions all the time,” Rodriguez said. “With a character like Letty, what you see is what you get.”
With Diesel returning to the Fast and the Furious franchise, he has a different director to manage him in the film, Justin Lin. Lin took over for past Fast and the Furious directors Rob Cohen and John Singleton when he directed The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
“He had cut his teeth on Tokyo Drift and was ready to take on a real Fast & Furious story,” Diesel said.
Diesel said that now that Lin has been to introduce to the cars, Lin has a whole movie to play with action, speed and an opportunity to play with the elements of The Fast and The Furious.
“Being the star and producer of the film is an intimidating position and yet somehow Justin was able to be committed throughout the whole thing and wanted it to be great for everybody and make this a success,” Diesel said.
Diesel has never had the chance to attend a ceremony like the Academy Awards and he believes it takes more than impressing the Academy and critiquing his work.
“You are trying to impress so many more people than the Academy because everybody today is a critic,” Diesel said. “When somebody walks out of Fast & Furious feeling emboldened in some way, that is a different experience than winning an Oscar or gaining a hundred pounds for a role”.
Diesel wants to do a lot of things before he goes into acting retirement.
“I feel like my life has been committed to this medium of film,” Diesel said. “It is a lifelong process and study and I like to do it all.”

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