‘Every Little Step’ interview with co-director Adam Del Deo

In 1974, Michael Bennett came up with the idea of A Chorus Line, the Broadway play about performers describing their lives and their decisions to become dancers.
A year later, it will go on to win nine Tony Awards and the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. In 2006, the play was revived and directors/producers James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo recorded the casting process of the revival and the history of the play in the documentary Every Little Step, which opens on Friday at Regal South Beach Cinema 18.
The Beacon interviewed co-director and co-producer of Every Little Step, Adam Del Deo, at the Shore Club in South Beach.
Del Deo got involved making the documentary when he was contacted by John Breglio, who was the executor of Michael Bennett’s estate and one of the producer of the revival, called his directing partner to see if they were interested in making a documentary with A Chorus Line.
“He also told Jim and myself that (John) had the original Michael Bennett audio tapes”, said Del Deo. “Jim called me, we talked about it and we thought this might be an interesting opportunity here for a film”.
One of the most difficult aspects in producing the film was in post-production with the editing of the film.
“It took us a year to edit the film and trying to create a film that we felt had the right chemistry and right balance between the historical aspect of the film and the contemporary aspect of the film,” said Del Deo. “We were trying to create parallels between the past and the present.”
Del Deo was also trying to find transitions and information points in the film that allowed him and Stern to go back and forth within the documentary.
When it comes to balancing the duties of being the director and producer of a film he is making, Del Deo said that he and Stern likes to be hands-on in their movies because they had both roles as directors and producers.
“It helped us because it was a different process then a feature film because we have a much smaller crew and smaller cameras”, Del Deo said.
When it comes to the co-directors, Del Deo said that he would work on the hands-on filming aspect of making a documentary and Stern will do most of the sit-down interviews.
“I believe all of our films are better directed together as oppose to directing them individually”, Del Deo said.
When it comes what Del Deo wants the movie-going audiences to take way from Every Little Step, he wants the audience to realize how many sacrifices dancers make to do what they love to do and an overall respect and dignity for the life of a Broadway dancer.


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