Cohan’s ‘Bruno’ exploit people’s phobias and stupidity.

Who is the man that is willing to travel to the Middle East to get kidnap by terrorists and adopts an African baby by trading an iPod for him? It is none other than Sasha Baron Cohen as his alter-ego, a gay Austrian television personality named Bruno.
Spinning off another character from his HBO show, Da Ali G Show, Cohen takes his character to America after he is arrested for an incident at Milan’s Fashion Week with his patented self-made Velcro suit. When he is blacklisted from every major fashion event in Europe, he decides to go to Hollywood, California where he says he is going to become “the next gay Austrian superstar since Arnold Schwarzenegger”. With his assistant, Lutz (Gustaf Hammarsten), Bruno is willing to do anything to become huge star in America whether it is harassing celebrities like Harrison Ford or solicit sex from former presidential candidate Ron Paul to make a sex tape with.
There is no doubt about it that Bruno is one of the funniest films this year. To watch Cohan use his character’s sexuality to make several non-actors uncomfortable makes the movie more fun to watch. The reason this works, along with several pranks in the film, is the fact that anybody who watches Bruno is in on the joke.
Bruno has several scenes in which border the line between the R-rating and the NC-17 rating. It has certain amount of male frontal nudity, along with outrageous and indiscernible sex acts early in the movie. Most of these sexual acts are between Bruno and his lover, Diesel (Clifford Banagale) is so over-the-top is hard to believe that it is not realistic and achievable. Even most of the hardcore naked scores are censored via a black bar, there is one disturbing and shocking scene that includes a close-up shot of a man’s genitalia for a good solid 30 seconds that was 25 seconds too long.
Bruno is a testament to how far Cohan is willing to go anything to make moviegoers laugh as he is one of the bravest performers today. He goes into dangerous situation knowing that e might b harmed and he still does his performance without breaking character. The most dangerous stunt that seem to almost got him lynched is when he kisses a man in a UFC-like octagon ring in front of a bunch of good ole’ Alabama boys. If you want any further proof for Cohan’s tendency to push the envelope, see Cohan fight naked with naked co-star Ken Davitan in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.
The movie is also proves that stupidity plays a bigger part in the pranks as people would stoop a new low if they are able to get in front of a camera. For example, Bruno is auditioning several parents who want to break into the show business with their infant son or daughter. When Bruno asks one mother if she is willing to give her 5-year old and 30 pound daughter liposuction to lose ten pounds, the mother says yes with a straight face.
Bruno is funnier and more outrageous then Borat as the film heightens the homoerotic tones for laughter, shows that Cohan is more than willing to push the envelope and prove that people are willing to say anything with a camera present.

“Bruno”: 4.5/5 STARS


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