‘Final Destination’s best kills

Opening on top of the box office with $28.3 million, the gory 3-D flick The Final Destination overcame the wrath of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II in the battle of the two horror franchises. For ten years, the Final Destination movies have took the premise of Death haunting unfortunate souls and turned it to a money-making franchise. The formula for these movies is this: person has premonition of a horrible accident, person freaks out that causes other people to follow him, accident happens and horrible things happen to the survivors. The excitement of the franchise is not the acting or script, but the elaborate Rube Goldberg-like ways that the survivors are killed off to make it look like an unfortunate occurrences or freak accidents. Here are the ten most elaborate deaths in the franchise, starting with the first victim in a long line of unfortunate souls haunted by the Grim Reaper.
Final Destination
Todd Wagner (Chad Donella)-The first one to be knocked off by the one who carries a sickle is very creepy because it is something that might happen to someone. Even though some liquid from a leaky pipe that follows your every movement. But that is what happen as Todd slip on the liquid and fall on a hanging wire in his bathroom, wrapping around his neck and strangling him to death in the shower.
Terry Chaney (Amanda Detmer)-Not only is this one of the most unexpected deaths in the franchise, but also one of the unexpected deaths of all time. As Terry is scolding his boyfriend, Carter (Kerr Smith, she makes the mistake of crossing the street backwards without looking. A few seconds later, her face and body has a meeting with an oncoming bus that just shows up out of nowhere. I would think that Alex’s (Devon Sawa) premonition of the reflection of the bus on a store front would have clued him in.
Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott)- After Alex and Claire (Ali Larter) saved the life of Carter from being crushed by oncoming locomotive in his car, Billy stands by the rails of the train and scolds Carter on staying away from him. Remember what happen to the last person that scolded Carter? A piece of scrap metal from what was left of Carter’s vehicle flies off the train tracks and brutally decapitated Billy through his mouth. Alex realized that in Death’s design, if someone is saved by another person, it skips the lucky person and moves on to the next person, which happened to be Billy.
Final Destination 2
Evan Lewis (David Paetkau)-This lucky bastard not only avoided dying in a highway pileup, but also won the lottery. When he arrives in his apartment after a spending spree, Evan’s apartment catches on fire after his microwave malfunctions after he catches his hand in a sink to retrieve a newly bought ring. After nearly escaping his fiery home, he climbs down an escape ladder and slips on some spaghetti he threw away earlier. In classic fake out fashion, the ladder comes close to hitting him in the face with a resounding “Oh Shit” from Evan. That is when the ladder finally penetrates through Evan’s right eye socket. He isn’t lucky no more.
Tim Carpenter (James Kirk)-After nearly choking on a toy fish in the dentist’s office, Tim walks out the dentist office with his mother to see Officer Thomas Burke (Michael Landes) and Kimberly (A.J. Cook). Unfortunately, he was not paying attention and decided to chase off some pigeons nearby. The flying pigeons caused a construction worker to drop a window pane on poor little Timmy, folding him like an accordion in all its spectacular gore.
Kat Jennings and Rory Peters (Keegan Connor Tracy and Jonathan Cherry)-It is not enough for people being dispatched in weird ways, Death also happens to literally kill “two birds with one stone”. After getting into a near fatal accident, the remaining survivors escape unscathed except for Eugene (T.C. Carson), who was sent to the hospital. Bitchy career woman, Kat, was nearly impaled by a plastic pipe and is stuck on the driver’s side of the car. With the paramedics on the scene, they use the Jaws of Life to rescue Kat, who is taking a nicotine break. When the Jaws of Life activates the car’s airbag, Kat’s head retracts back into said pipe and impaling her through the head. Kat’s lit cigarette falls from her cold, dead hands into a stream of gasoline that ignites an explosion which propels a barbed wire fence to unsuspecting stoner Rory. It takes time before anybody knows what happened, especially Rory. It is then his body slowly begins seperating into three places.
Final Destination 3
Frankie Cheeks (Sam Easton)-Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Kevin (Ryan Merriman) narrowly escape the “drive-thru from hell” when a runaway semi crashes into Kevin’s truck, which caught between a convertible and a beer truck. The semi crashed into his truck, causing Kevin’s truck engine to propel into the head of the convertible’s driver. Unbeknownst to them, the driver was poor Frankie, who they were trying to contact in order to warn him about his upcoming fate. In the end, all Frankie got was a REAL bad headache that resulted in his brains being splattered all over the drive-thru window.
Erin Ulmer (Alexz Johnson)-You would think working at a Home Depot-like store would not have consequences on their workers. This unfortunate soul met her end at the end of nail gun after her boyfriend, Ian, is saved by Wendy and Kevin from falling sharp objects. This act causes Death to skip Ian and move on to the next person, which was Erin. One of the sharp objects propelled toward Erin, causing her to fall backward and headfirst into the nail gun. The nail gun gave Erin eleven skull-crushing piercings from the the back of her skull and penetrating through her cheek, hand, wrist, nose and eye.
Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche)-Still stunned from witnessing her girlfriend’s death, Ian look for wants payback and was planning to kill Wendy. His plan did not succeed as he confronted Wendy at their town’s centennial celebration and they were nearly get incinerated by stray fireworks. As it seem like the fireworks did not do the trick, the nearby crane with McKinley’s name on it (he was named after the town) surely did Ian in as it dropped down upon him, splitting his body in half.

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