Actors discuss HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and co-star Cusack

Leg warmers, the jerry curl and hair-metal rock bands are some of the things that really stand out in the 1980s.
In Hot Tub Time Machine, four guys (John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke) are vacationing at a desolated ski resort when a night of drinking and debauchery causes them to be teleported back in time to 1986. The Beacon and other college journalists from around the nation were able to sit down with the stars of the film that include Corddry, Robinson, Duke, Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield), Crispin Glover (Back to the Future) and Collette Wolf (Observe and Report), along with the director Steve Pink (Accepted) at Lake Tahoe for the Hot Tub Time Machine press day.
Lizzy Caplan and Collette Wolf both admired how the director allowed them come up with their own ideas on what is funny, while at the same time getting feedback from him.
“(Steve) was always open to having our ideas and telling us to improvise, which is not always the case, especially in comedy,” Caplan says. “He is the most diplomatic guy because whatever was the funniest take fell into the movie’s final cut.”
“I loved Steve’s direction because he always gave me something positive and then he will give me feedback on my scenes,” Wolf says. “I really appreciated it because not everybody does it, but to me, it would seem like common sense. He always does that and always has something good to say even on my crappiest takes.”
What makes Steve Pink different from other directors that I have talked to is that the first thing he asked as he was about to be interviewed was feedback and reaction on Hot Tub Time Machine. One journalist mentioned that he really liked how there was serious parts in the film that grounded the movie. Pink said it was crucial because he believes all the movies that are good and funny have that quality.
“I think in all the best movies, you care about the characters no matter how insane or ridiculous the premise is,” he says. “The more you explore your characters and the more you like them, the more you laugh at their ridiculous behavior because identifying their flawed behavior is funny to you. Without their behavior, you cannot identify their flaws and identifying a character’s disposition really drives the comedy.”
As stars of Hot Tub Time Machine, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke and Craig Robinson really enjoyed their time working and hanging with their co-star and producer of the film, John Cusack.
“Cusack was cool, man,” Robinson says. “He was very serious off set and then at night, he will say ‘Let’s go out’. Sometimes he was too different people, but he was cool.”
Corddry said that Cusack was “the mayor of Vancouver” and the group basically followed him around.
Corddry, Duke and Robinson had the most fun filming the movie when they were shooting a skiing sequence in the movie. However, there is a scene in the movie which was not planned where Duke fell accidentally on his snowboard.
“They taught me how to snowboard, but they did not teach me how to stop,” Duke says. “I went down the mountain doing all kinds of different turns, but I never practiced stopping. That was the only thing I really had to learn.”
“All the stuff on the boat was fun too,” Corddry says. “It was the last day of shooting and we shot that green screen bullcrap at night at three in the morning. I also got drunk as I drank a whole bottle of white wine.”
Crispin Glover in no stranger to the 1980s as he had roles in quintessential 80s films such Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter and Back to the Future. Glover said that he thought there it was an interesting quality that Hot Tub Time Machine and Back to the Future have a similar structure in terms of the plot of the film.
“This movie has interesting correlations and talking about this film has made me talk about certain things I have not talked about for a while,” Glover says. “It has been an enjoyable experience on the whole. I am grateful and happy that I am in this film. I feel like this is a film that can do well and I think people will enjoy and get good things out of it.”
Hot Tub Time Machine opens everywhere on March 26.


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