HOT TUB TIME MACHINE is funny trip back to the 80s

Hot Tub Time Machine takes the idea of time traveling films like Back to the Future and adds the raunchiness of rated-R comedies like The Hangover to become the first funniest movie of the year.
Adam (John Cusack), Nick (Craig Robinson) and Lou (Rob Corrdry) are three men who have been friends since they were teenagers, but their lives are miserable as they have not lived up to their full potential. After Lou is hospitalized, Adam and Nick decide to take Lou and drag Adam’s nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke), to Kodiak Valley, a ski resort where the guys use to hangout. After a night of getting wasted in a hot tub outside of their room, the four are transported to 1986. The guys think that in order to avoid any cataclysmic wrinkle in time and come back to 2010, they need to relive the events that lead up to Winterfest 1986.
The casting is interesting as John Cusack, who had roles in quintessential 80s movies such as Better Off Dead, serves as producer and star of the film. He plays against type compare to his roles in the 80s as a love-stricken adult who eases his heartache by getting high, but gets a second chance at love in the form of a reporter (Lizzy Caplan).
Unlike his last role in Sex Drive, Clark Duke gets to play the straight man to his older co-stars and he is truly shine in his scenes with Corrdry where they exchange insults at each other. Craig Robinson is great as Nick, especially in a scene where he cusses out a 9-year-old who happens to be his future wife.
However, Rob Corrdry steals the show from his co-stars as a man who does everything his can to change his future whether he is trying to stand up to bullies or trying to become wealthy. A scene that involves soap in the bathroom is one of the many highlights from Corrdry as his role as Lou “The Violator” is his best and funniest character to date.
One of the funniest jokes in the film is a running gag involving a one-armed bellhop played brilliantly by Crispin Glover. In 1986, Corddry tries to catch the bellhop in the act of losing his arm whether he is juggling chainsaws or getting his arm stuck in an elevator.
Hot Tub Time Machine will bring some nostalgic memories to the men and women who grew up in that year with many references to the 1980s whether it is a scene that is direct reference to Sixteen Candles or the casting of Glover, who had a role in another time-traveling film (Back to the Future) as a man playing his younger and older version of his character.
There are moments in the film in which the jokes are great and then there are jokes that fall flat. An extended cameo by Chevy Chase would seem like genius casting as he starred in classic films such as National Lampoon’s Vacation. Unfortunately, Chase’s role as the magical hot tub repairman borders on being unfunny. The romantic plot involving Cusack and Caplan seems a little forced and out of place in the movie as it seems like a bit of a distraction.
Hot Tub Time Machine has a couple of flaws, but the movie makes it up with enjoyable references to the 1980s, outrageous humor and a hilarious performance by Rob Corddry that makes it the funniest film of the year thus far.

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: 4 stars out of 5


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