GET HIM TO THE GREEK’s stars talks comedic chemistry and Diddy

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand reunites with Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stroller to tell the story of a record company intern named Aaron (Hill) who has two days to get rock legend Aldous Snow (Brand) from his home in London to Hollywood to perform at the Greek Theater in Get Him to the Greek.
Hill and Brand were in Miami two months ago for the movie’s press tour and The Beacon had the privilege to sit down with the two comedic stars.
The last time Hill and Brand worked together was in the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Brand played Snow and Hill played a hotel employee who is obsessed with Snow. Brand did not know that they really had comedic chemistry together until it was noticed by director Nicolas Stroller.
“It is like you are in the middle of having good sex, you do not think ‘My God, this is first rate’, Brand says. “You are just lost in the moment.”
“Russell is obviously hysterical,” Hill says. “Nick noticed we had good chemistry together and he wanted to see us as two leads in a film”.
Hill and Brand may be the lead actors in Get Him to the Greek, but there not the only talented actors to standout in the film as rap mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs star in the film as Aaron’s boss and Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss as Aaron’s girlfriend. Hill, who is a fan of Mad Men, was excited when he found out that she was going to be in the film with him.
Hill said that when Combs auditioned for the part of his boss in the film, he earned it.
“When you watch the movie, you find it shocking to see how funny he is because he steals the movie because it is so different to who he is in real life,” Hill says.
Brand said that working with Combs was amazing because he never met anyone like him before in his life.
“He is a real character, showman and one-of-a-kind individual,” Brand says.
Get Him to the Greek is produced by Judd Apatow and as part of the tradition for Apatow-made films, there is several extended and deleted scenes that did not make the final cut. Brand’s favorite scene that did not make it to the film was a scene that had him and Hill jogging in New York City. Hill’s favorite scene that also did not make the film involved Combs, Brand and Hill driving around Las Vegas in a Bentley car trying to do freestyle rap.
“It was a really funny scene that just did not fit in the movie,” Hill says. “It was one of those funny scenes that I hope will make it on the DVD releases of the movie”.
Hill has previously said in past interviews that the 2007 summer hit Superbad was his favorite film that he has done in his career. Now, he says that it is a three-way tie between Superbad, Get Him to the Greek and Cyrus, a movie he stars in with John C. Reiley and Marisa Tomei that comes out June 18th. However, he said that Superbad holds a special place in his heart because he says not only does he love the movie, but he is proud of the final product.
“It was truly a film made by really close friends and it was so much fun because we were all so close,” Hill says. “There were no expectations for Superbad while we were making it because some people thought it was going to be another cheap, dumb high school movie”.

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