TOY STORY 3 a must see this summer

Not a lot of “threequels” live up to the success of their last two predecessors, but Toy Story 3 manages to do that with the return of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and some new characters added to the mix.

Eleven years after the events of Toy Story 2, the toys’ owner, Andy (John Morris), is getting ready to move away to college. Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen) try to assure the rest of the toys that they will be happy living in the attic, but the other toys want to be donated so they can be played with by other children. Their destination turns out to be Sunnyside Day Care, which at first seems like a utopia for toys. However, they find out that it is more like a prison ruled under the iron fist of Lotso (Ned Beatty), a cuddly, strawberry-scented purple bear that will never let the toys leave once they learned the truth.

Toy Story 3 manages to improve the animation from the last two Toy Story films, even though those films were dated two decades ago. The film also has bright and vibrant colors that do not become too much for the eyes thanks to the hard-working Pixar’s animation team. The look of the texture of the characters in the movie has improved from the hairs of the human characters to the plastic of the toys. Toy Story 3 looks even better in 3D than Disney’s last 3D movie, Alice in Wonderland.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack and the rest of the gang from the previous movies are back in usual form, but they also have something different to offer in their roles. They also manage to remind anyone who grew up watching the last two films, why these characters are beloved and memorable. The introduction of new characters to the franchise is welcoming and would not overwhelm the moviegoers on how many characters there are to follow. Ned Beatty is great as the main villain, a plush bear who acts more like a sadistic warden than a cuddly toy. His character also has a sad flashback that shows how and why he became who he is today. Michael Keaton is fantastic as Ken, especially when he sets sight on Barbie (Jodi Benson) for the first time and later tries to impress her with his extensive wardrobe.

Written by Oscar-winning screenwriter of the movie Little Miss Sunshine, Michael Arndt, the screenplay is great as it manages to make this film more than a tale of the toys’ misadventures. The movie at first becomes a “road” movie to get back to their owner, but then midway turns into a movie about being trapped in a “prison” daycare, through the narrative like classic films such as Cool Hand Luke and The Great Escape. There is even a scene in Toy Story 3 that pays homage to a scene in Cold Hand Luke where a character recites a monologue about spending time in “The Box.” The film has very funny scenes that include Mr. Potato Head’s body parts on a tortilla or the other toys resetting Buzz by accident to speak Spanish. While Toy Story 3 has humorous moments, there are also moments in the film that makes it real for the human characters, especially a specific scene that shows the transition from childhood to adulthood that can make any one with a heart, tear up.

Pixar has done it once again as their films keep getting better and better, especially with their latest masterpiece, Toy Story 3. The film is a fun and eye-popping ride for all ages with introductions to new character and a great screenplay to support the movie. The movie is now in theatres.
TOY STORY 3: 5 stars out of 5


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