Cruise’s new film full of old tricks

In their new movie Knight and Day, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz reunite once again with even longer screen time together than the last movie they were in, which was Vanilla Sky in 2001.

The life of June Havens (Diaz) is turned upside down when he meets Roy Miller (Cruise), a rogue secret agent who is holding a self-powered super battery that could run the power of a small town.

After June and Roy both realize that they need each other in order to survive, they begin to go on the run and travel to different places around the world from The Alps to Spain with Roy’s former colleagues (Peter Sarsgaard and Viola Davis) and a weapons dealer (Jordi Molla) on their tail.

Tom Cruise is playing a character that could have been a rip-off of his Mission Impossible character, Ethan Hunt. At the same time, he does not take his character too seriously as Cruise tries to have as much fun as he can have with this role.

Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, is playing the role of the dumb blonde that she has played several times in other movies such as The Sweetest Thing and What Happens in Vegas.

Midway through the movie and after nearly escaping death several times, Roy tells June not to leave the hotel they are staying in and she does the opposite by following him to a secret rendezvous. The chemistry between Cruise and Diaz is interesting to see as the movie progresses, but it gets more and more obvious that the movie will have a happy ending for the couple.

The story of the film takes a backseat to Diaz and Cruise because most of the movie’s structure borrows certain elements from other films whether it is the couple-on-the-run (North By Northwest) or the renegade spy chased by his former employers (The Bourne films).

There is also a scene in the film where June visits the residence of an old couple (Celia Watson and Dale Dye) that reveals a back-story for Roy that ruins Roy’s mysterious aspect.

However, the action and fight sequences are well choreographed especially in the scenes where Roy takes on a plane full of assassins and the couple is chased by bad guys in the middle of the Running of the Bulls event in Spain.

The most frustrating thing about watching this film is that the majority of the action sequences that occur in the movie have already been exposed for a great length of time through the film’s promotional campaign.

Based on that, anyone who plans to see Knight and Day or has an interest in this film should avoid seeing the film’s trailer and/or any further television sneak peeks.

Knight and Day has a solid start within the first twenty minutes and vivid action sequences, but it has a predictable storyline that borrows certain elements from other spy movies. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz share an interesting chemistry, but they individually do not bring anything new to the table.
KNIGHT AND DAY: 3 stars out of 5

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