THE VIRGINITY HIT is an original and funny teen sex comedy

  A teenager goes on a journey to lose his virginity with his buddies and half-brother chronicling every awkward and funny moment on camera in The Virginity Hit.

  Matt (Matt Bennett) and Zack (Zack Pearlman) are half brothers who record every moment of their lives on camera and showcase their antics on You Tube. Along with their friends Jacob (Jacob Davich) and Justin (Justin Kline), they all make a pact to lose their virginity and they all do it except for Matt. As Matt prepares to lose it to his girlfriend Nicole (Nicole Weaver), they break up on his big night after he learned that she cheated on him. With Matt completely miserable, his chance to lose his virginity comes when he is contacted by a 25-year-old woman (Savannah Welch) through the internet, who offers herself to be Matt’s “first”. 

  The Virginity Hit may seem like a retread of Porky’s, American Pie and other teen sex comedies at first, but it updates the genre to the 21st Century with You Tube uses as a narrative tool to tell their story. Screenwriters/directors Andrew Gurland and Huck Botcko manage to combine two existing film genres (the mockumentary and teen sex comedy genre) to create something different and fresh in the comedy genre. This film has all the makings of an old-school independent movie with a low budget and a cast of unknowns as main character in the movie.

  Credit also goes to the cast of unfamiliar actors in The Virginity Hit with each actor creating great chemistry with one another throughout the film as they seek out to help Matt lose his virginity. The delivery of their lines in the movie seems genuine in how real teenagers would talk like since they are basically the same age as the characters that they portray. As funny as the movie is when Matt finds himself in embarrassing situations, you can’t help but root for Matt to reach his goal because the movie makes us feel emotional about this character with some surprising dramatic scenes for a raunchy comedy like The Virginity Hit.

  This movie is not without its flaws as the gimmick for this movie is the story being told from a first-person perspective via a camcorder. It does get tiring at times, even near the climax of the film when the characters are being chased by someone and we are treated to the shaky camera syndrome ala The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield. Though there is a particular scene in this movie that involves some “man”-scaping that it funny, it does retread on another similar scene from another raunchy comedy earlier this year, She’s Out of My League.

  Even though the film retreads on familiar elements from other movies, The Virginity Hit is a surprisingly funny film that is different from teen sex comedies of the past. The films also work thanks to the performance of the young and unknown cast.

  The Virginity Hit opens in Miami on September 17 only at Cobb Dolphin Mall 19 Theatre where the film will only be screened once at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

The Virginity Hit: 4 out of 5 stars

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