Opening on Oct. 15-Jackass 3D and Red

  The last two weeks left in October will prepare moviegoers for Halloween as two horror sequels and a Clint Eastwood ghost story will come out in movie theaters.

  However, this week is all about comedy and action as Johnny Knoxville and his crew take their stunts to another dimension in Jackass 3D, while Bruce Willis teams up with Oscar-winners Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman to take on the C.I.A. in Red.

  The cast and crew of Jackass takes their inane stunts and antics to the silver screen once again, but this time, certain body parts and fluids will be coming to you in all its 3D glory. I have not seen this movie yet, but from the seven minutes of footage I saw three weeks ago, you will never look at 3D technology the same again.

  In the action-comedy Red, Bruce Willis plays a retired CIA agent who travels across the country to recruit other former and retired spies (Freeman, Malkovich and Mirren) in order to find out why they are the target of an attempted cover-up by the government. Red has the greatest cast ever assembled for an action movie (sorry The Expendables), which includes Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban and Oscar-winners Richard Dreyfuss and Ernest Borgnine.Even though this action-packed and funny film is PG-13, this movie is violent considering the rating it was given by the MPAA. This movie also puts to shame other action movies that have come out this year about teams of mercenaries (The A-Team, The Losers). 


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