JACKASS co-creators take 3D to a whole different level

  Before You Tube and viral videos became popular, the only way to watch people perform crazy, funny and disgusting stunts was to watch the antics of Johnny Knoxville and his motley crew of stuntmen on MTV’s Jackass. The cancellation of the show did not stop these jackasses from performing more outrageous stunts as they took their antics to the silver screen in 2002. In their latest venture, the Jackass crew takes 3D to a new and disgusting level in Jackass 3D.

  A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to watch a 7-minute reel of the Jackass 3D at Paragon Grove 13 in Coconut Grove. The reel itself featured the opening sequence of the film and a particular disgusting and gag-inducing stunt involving a bungee cord and a port-o-potty. After the reel was finished, I sat down and interviewed Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine for a couple of minutes before they took pictures and signed autographs for Jackass fans waiting in line.

The Cinematic: How did you come to the decision to make the third Jackass movie in 3D?

Johnny Knoxville: This December, we decided to do it, right?

Jeff Tremaine: Well, yeah. We decided to do it in 3D in December, but the biggest hurdle was deciding to do a third movie.

Knoxville: That decision was made in June.

Tremaine: Yeah, it was in June. It was Johnny’s idea to finally do it. Everyone else was ready to do it, but…

Knoxville: I was the holdout. In June, I found myself watching Tom & Jerry cartoons, I started wearing my Chuck Taylor shoes and then I started writing down some ideas. I wanted to do it and I wondered if everyone else is with me.

Tremaine: Johnny came to me one day wearing is Chuck Taylor’s and then I was like “Oh, something’s up.” The second movie was my idea. I came to him with ideas to do a second movie. With the third movie, he came to me and said “Let’s do it.” To do it in 3D, we were really hesitant because we were scared of changing the cameras, changing the way we do things…

Knoxville: Bringing in outsiders.

Tremaine: Yeah. It took some testing and we had few 3D companies come in to show us their cameras. We make them shoot us and film Steve-O throwing up and Chris Pontius running around naked. We did a whole bunch of tests to see if they could handle us, but also to see if they can keep up with us to deal with the way we like to shoot. We found the perfect company.

Knoxville: The name of the company is Paradise, which is a great 3D company.

Tremaine: They didn’t make it feel any different and it really felt normal for the most part. We had a bigger crew this time, but beyond that, it felt like old times.

The Cinematic: What was your favorite stunt in the television series and the movies you have done in the last 10 years?

Knoxville: Oh man. In 10 years? It is really hard to pinpoint one favorite stunt because I like all of the stunts we do. In this movie, there is a whole bunch of stuff we did like The High Five and the Poop Cocktail Supreme

Tremaine: For the new movie, it’s hard to say what my favorite stunt. I love the opening and closing sequences of the movie. I don’t know, man. It’s been a fun 10-year ride.

  Jackass 3D is in theatres now.


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