Opening Oct. 22-Hereafter and Paranormal Activity 2

  Last weekend, Jackass 3D made cinematic history when it set a new October opening weekend record and earned $50 million in the box office. With two films opening wide this weekend, Paranormal Activity 2 will try to topple Jackass 3D a weekend before Halloween approaches.

  A year after the success of Paranormal Activity, the sequel will focus on a family that is being terrorized by the same demonic apparition that haunted the ill-fated couple in the last film. Unlike the first movie where the story was told through a single video camera, the story of the sequel will be told through cameras including security cameras set up by the family.   

  Hereafter is Clint Eastwood’s latest film and his second collaboration with Oscar-winner Matt Damon. The film is about three people that have been touched by death, including a psychic (Matt Damon) who is trying  to have a normal life, a French journalist (Cecile De France) who survived a near-death experience and a British schoolboy (George and Frankie McLaren) looking for answers after the death of his twin brother. The film has great performances from Damon and De France, along with an interesting script written by Peter Morgan. However, the pace is very slow, the ending is weak and Eastwood’s score overwhelms the film.


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