Opening Nov. 11-Morning Glry, Skyline and Unstoppable

 Three new movies open wide this weekend and look forward to take down the current box office champ, the DreamWorks Animated movie Megamind.

  From the director of Notting Hill, Morning Glory is about a young female producer (Rachel McAdams) who is hired to revive a failing morning show and she must also ease the tense relationship between the show’s female co-host (Diane Keaton) and her new co-host, a veteran news anchorman (Harrison Ford).

  In Skyline, extraterrestrial forces once again threatens the Earth’s human population when alien vessels show up in the middle of the night and abduct people by drawing them like moths to a flame.  

  Oscar-winner Denzel Washington and Chris Pine team up with director Tony Scott in the runaway train movie, Unstoppable. A young conductor on the first day of his job (Pine) and a veteran engineer (Washington) must stop a runaway train containing harmful chemicals before it derails and cause destruction.

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