Opening January 14-Blue Valentine, The Dilemma, The Green Hornet and Rabbit Hole

  With two movies opening wide and two more movies opening in limited release, there is a first in the month of January: a really good movie.

  That good movie would be THE GREEN HORNET, which is directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and stars funnyman Seth Rogen, newcomer Jay Chou and Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz. After the death of his father (Tom Wilkinson), the esteemed publisher of the Daily Sentinel, millionaire playboy Britt Reid (Rogen) decides he wants to fight crime, though he can’t do anything if not for the abilities of his butler and driver Kato (Chou), who not only is a martial arts expert but is also able to design and build all sorts of cool superhero gadgets. This film sets the standard for any superhero movie that is going to be released this year because it is great action/comedy/buddy movie that is a really entertaining and fun ride.

  The second movie to get a wide release is the Vince Vaughn/Kevin James film THE DILEMMA, which also happens to be directed by “Archie Cunningham” himself, Ron Howard. A man (Vaughn) discovers that the wife (Winona Ryder) of his best friend (James) is having an affair with a younger man (Channing Tatum). After discovering her infidelity, he must decide if he should tell his best friend or not. Not only does this movie have comedic stars like Vaughn and James, but the cast includes Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly and Oscar-nominee Queen Latifah.

The last two films are being released into limited theaters in South Florida, but there also happen to be the most critically-accalimed movies of last year and potential Oscar contenders.

  BLUE VALENTINE tells the story of  a couple (Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) uses one night in order to try to save their marriage. As the movie progresses, the narrative jumps back and forth from the past to the present to show the contrast and status of their relationship from six years ago. BLUE VALENTINE captures the raw emotions of falling in and out of love thanks to the performances of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams and a unique narrative structure that contrasts the character’s relationship in the past and in the present.  

Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart star in the big screen adaptation of the play, RABBIT HOLE. Kidman and Echart both play Becca and Howie, a couple who are trying to return to normal life after the loss of their 4-year-old son.  While the Becca still can’t cope with the loss, Howie finds comfort when he goes to support meetings with other grieving parents.


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