THE GREEN HORNET sets the bar high for superheroes movies this year


  The Green Hornet, which is about a newspaper publisher who fights crime with his Asian sidekick Kato, has been showcased on different mediums from a radio show in the 1930s to the one-season stint on television in 1966 starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee. Set in modern day Los Angeles, the latest incarnation of The Green Hornet comes from director Michel Gondry (Be Kind Rewind) and starring Seth Rogen as the vigilante crime fighter. 

  Millionaire playboy Britt Reid (Rogen) inherits The Daily Sentinel after the unexpected death of his father, media mogul James Reid (Tom Wilkinson). After realizing he has done nothing with his life, Britt decides that he wants to fight crime. With the help of his butler and driver Kato (Jay Chou), they fight crime at night by posing as criminals in order to take down other criminals. Their escapades catch the attention of Los Angeles’ crime boss, Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz), who sees them as competition wanting to take over his territory.

  Not only is The Green Hornet just a superhero movie, but it is also a good buddy movie thanks to the great chemistry between Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as the crime-fighting duo. They make a good tag-team together whether they are fighting a small gang or having a heated argument with each other.

  They both complement each other, even though they have two different personalities. As Britt, Rogen plays a cocky and likable jerk who knows that he has the potential to be a jerk at times. Kato is what Britt calls a “human Swiss army knife” because not is Kato a martial arts expert, but he is can also create unique weaponry and build cars like “Black Beauty”, the supped-up 1966 Chrysler Imperial that has enough weapons to supply an army.

  While Rogen delivers the majority of the laughs in this movie, Chou delivers tremendously during the action sequences. Chou plays Kato as a resourceful, charismatic and reliable character who has a greater potential to become more than just a mere sidekick.

  Watching The Green Hornet, you would not think that the same person who directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is directing this movie. However, there are a couple of scenes in the film that has Gondry’s fingerprints all over it that features some unique visual sequences and songs in the soundtrack from Gondry’s musical collaborators. Gondry also delivers great action sequences in the movie including a no-holds-barred fight between Britt and Kato and a decisive confrontation between the heroes and the villains that takes place inside The Daily Sentinel.

  While not all of the film is shot in 3D, there are certain elements in The Green Hornet where the 3D-element that is not a complete waste. The effective 3D up-conversion looks good and enhances the movie-going experience unlike Alice in Wonderland and The Last Airbender, which only gives you a headache from watching those two movies. One truly effective sequence that uses every facet of the third dimension is the fight sequences involving Kato where he uses Kato-Vision, where everything slow down and he moves at super-human speed in order to takes out multiple criminals.

  The only problem that there is in The Green Hornet is that movie becomes a lttle too long for its own good in certain places. There are a couple of scenes that could have been trimmed down by a couple of minutes in order to make the movie a little shorter, especially in a scene that takes place after The Green Hornet and Kato finished taking down the bad guys.

  Despite being a little too long, The Green Hornet sets the standard for any superhero film that is going to be released this year. The movie is a suprisingly great action/comedy movie that is an entertaining and fun ride and worthy of the extra cash to watch it in 3D.

THE GREEN HORNET: 4 stars out of 5

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