THE MECHANIC is just another hit man movie

The Mechanic, a remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson film, is the latest action film starring Jason Statham that delivers action but introduces nothing new to the story or genre.

  Statham plays Arthur Bishop, an assassin who receives his orders from a mysterious company and eliminates his targets in order to either look like an accident or to prove a point. When his mentor (Donald Sutherland) is killed, he reluctantly teaches his mentor’s estranged and violent son, Steve (Ben Foster), what Bishop knows. As they form a partnership together, they both have one goal: revenge for those responsible for the murder of Bishop’s mentor and Steven’s father.

  In this film, Jason Statham and Ben Foster are basically playing the same characters that they had always played in previous movie.

  Even though Statham always plays the same tough guy role whether it is Crank or The Transporter, but he does it well. He personifies a man who lets his actions do the talking whether it is as simple as snapping someone’s neck or planning on assassinating a Columbian drug lord in a pool to make it look like an accidental drowning. Even if he feels comfortable in the action-hero roles, it seems tiresome and I think Statham needs to step out of his comfort zone and play someone different.

  Ben Foster (The Messenger, Alpha Dog) plays yet another temperamental and violent young man, except he plays that same role in an action film. In this film, Foster makes an effective sidekick that has the testicular fortitude to follow in the footsteps of Bishop. With Statham and Foster doing what they do best in their respective roles, there is barely any chemistry between the two actors in a movie where the teacher/student relationship should have been essential.

  The action in the movie is entertaining with exciting action sequences that include Steve’s first attempt to kill a man and a methodical execution in a hotel room that ends with guns blazing and people dying. 

  The story of The Mechanic is nothing new. Whether it is a lonely hit-man who takes upon himself to have a young apprentice or a man looking for revenge to those that done him wrong, these plotlines have been done over and over again in better films. The film could have been more than just a Jason Statham action film, but the movie takes itself too seriously.  

  The Mechanic may succeed with some good action scenes, but the story and characters is nothing we have not seen before in other action movies.

  The Mechanic opens in theaters everywhere on Friday.

THE MECHANIC: 3 stars out of 5


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