Opening Feb. 4-Sanctum and The Roommate

This week is not a banner week for films in wide release and supposedly it is the worst movie release date ever. With this in mind, you have two unspectacular films this week.

  The Roommate is bascially a Single White Female ripoff with a college student gets the roommate from hell after she moves into her a dorm room. The movie has not been screened for critics, which means that this movie sucks.

  From Jim Cameron comes another underwater movie from him except this time, it is not a documentary. Shot in 3D, Sanctum follows an underwater cave diving team during an expedition and when all hell breaks loose, the team must find a way out of the cave they are  in and escape with their lives. Here is what critics are saying in their reviews of Sanctum:

The Miami Herald: 2/4 stars

Hudak on Hollywood: 2/4 stars

Roger Ebert: 1.5/4 stars

Roger Moore:  2.5/4 stars

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