Opening Feb. 18-Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son; I Am Number Four; Unknown

    Three more new movies open this weekend as we are close to end of this month.

  Martin Lawrence returns in drag for the third Big Momma movie, but this time he is joined in drag by Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder). As FBI agent Malcom Turner, Lawrence goes undercover with his stepson Trent (Jackson) at a all-girl performing arts school after Trent witnesses a murder.

Roger Moore: 1/4 stars

  I Am Number Four is about a teenager (Alex Pettyfer), who is actually an alien on the run, passes himself as an ordinary high school student in Paradise, Ohio. It is at Paradise where he encounters his first love (Glee’s Diane Agron) and discover newfound abilities in order to fulfill his destiny. This movie is basically a retread of Twilight except with aliens. The best part of the film is the last 20 minutes of the movie where a full-blast action sequence takes place at a high school where Number 4 and Number 6 (Teresa Palmer) battles the aliens that are hunting them down.

Hudak on Hollywood: 2.5/4 stars

Roger Moore: 2.5/ 4 stars

Roger Ebert:  1.5/4 stars

In Unknown, Liam Neeson plays a man who wakes up from a coma and discovers that his identity is stolen and no one (including his wife) does not believe him. With the help of a young woman (Diane Kruger), he sets out to prove who he is. 

The Miami Herald: 2.5/4 stars

Hudak on Hollywood: 3/4 stars

Roger Moore: 2/4 stars

Roger Ebert: 2/4 stars


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