Opening Feb. 25-Drive Angry 3D and Hall Pass

  A kick-ass grindhouse B-movie and the latest comedy from the guys who brought you There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber opens this weekend.

  In Drive Angry 3D, the latest movie to come out in 3D, Nicolas Cage plays a man who escaped from hell and is on a quest to save his daughter and granddaughter from a cult leader (Billy Burke) with the help of a hot young woman (Amber Heard) in Daisy Dukes. Meanwhile, Cage is being chased by Satan’s right hand man (William Fitchner) who wants to return him to hell.

  Bobby and Peter Farrelly are the directors who made hilarious films like There’s Something About Mary. Their latest movie, Hall Pass, may not be one of their best films but  it still provides a couple of laugh-out-loud scenes. The film is about two clueless middle-age guys (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudekis) who are granted a “hall pass” by their respective wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate), which means they get a free week to do whatever they want. This gives the guys an opportunity to relive their single days before they got married, but they soon realize they have no game whatsoever.

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