Film review: “The Florida Project”

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Sometimes, the brightest color can distract some from uncovering a harsh and ugly reality. This metaphor not only describes the central locale in “The Florida Project” called The Magic Castle, but it also describes the film itself. Continue reading


Film review: “Logan Lucky”

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Director Steven Soderbergh returns from a short-lived retirement with “Logan Lucky”, a Southern-fried version of his 2001 blockbuster hit “Ocean’s Eleven.” It is an elaborate heist movie ala the George Clooney-led film and its sequels, along with embodying the working class spirit that Soderbergh utilized in “Erin Brockovich.”

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Film review: “Lady Macbeth”

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Watching “Lady Macbeth” would no require brushing up on the Scottish-set play written by The Bard himself, William Shakespeare. This cold and dark period thriller set in the 19th Century rural northern England marks the filmmaking debut of British theater director William Oldroyd.

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Film review: “The Lost City of Z”

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James Grey is a filmmaker who best known for helming films like The Yards and We Own the Night which were set in his hometown of New York City. With The Lost City of Z, Grey moves from the concrete jungle to the Amazonian jungle by adapting author David Grann’s book of the true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett.   Continue reading

2017 Oscar predictions

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The 89th annual Academy Awards will conclude an interesting award season where an original musical set in Los Angeles has faced competition in the form of a film about growing black and gay in South Florida, specifically Liberty City. Without further ado, here are my predictions on will walk away with the little golden man by the end of Sunday night:  Continue reading

Film Review: “I Am Not Your Negro”

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African-American novelist, poet and social critic James Baldwin began writing a manuscript for Remember This House, a book meant to be inspired by the lives and murder of his closest friends: civil-rights pioneers Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Medgar Evers. However, Baldwin only managed to write 30 pages before he passed away in 1987. Activist/filmmaker Raoul Peck attempts to pick up where Baldwin left off with I Am Not Your Negro, a masterful film that tremendous similarities between race relations during the Civil Rights Movement and modern America.  Continue reading

2017 Oscar nomination predictions

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It’s almost time as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science will announce the nominations for the 89th Academy Awards Tuesday morning. With the exception for the Shorts category, I decided to fearlessly predict each and every category. While it might sound easy to do, sometimes it is just plain hard as you can never know what the Academy could go for in certain categories. Let’s cut to chase…here are my predictions for the 89th annual Academy Awards. Continue reading